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Organizations develop succession plans to assist in its human resources planning process to ensure it has qualified candidates to replace people who may leave for any reason, such as retirement, illness, or taking another job. Additionally, organizations develop succession plans in order to anticipate its talent requirements due to growth and expansion plans, a need for new/different skills (i.e. new markets/product/services, etc.) as well as a need to expand or upgrade existing positions.

A succession plan is a plan that helps protect, strengthen and perpetuate an organization’s future by developing a process to articulate future talent needs.

Organizations of any size or type can develop a succession plan for any and all employee levels.


Few events carry greater risk to stakeholders than a change in leadership/key/unique-skill requirement positions.

When your organization has a succession plan:

  • It allows your employees to know you are focused on the future by protecting your organization from the disruption of unwelcome departures.
  • It reassures clients and customers and helps preserve and strengthen their confidence in your organization - they know it will continue to provide products and/or services without interruption.
  • It helps focus your employees' attention on the competencies they need to do their current and future jobs.
  • Helps shape and focus your organizations people development plans.
  • It does not have to be complicated, lengthy or cumbersome.

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